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alejandro admin app

Post by alejandro.cruz on Tue Mar 31, 2015 12:03 pm

IGN ( In Game Name): alejandro.cruz

Time on server: less than a day. (2 hours or so.)

why do you want to be admin/truested: i would like to become an admin of this server because i love watching people have fun meeting new friends and just having fun but... there are bad sides to this... there are hackers. so i think that i have what it takes to become an andmin and get rid of spammersi hackers and people who just make the server an un-pleasent place to be i believe i can fix this i am fully dedicated 24/7 to helping this server to grow even bigger and be the positively best server ever (which it already is) i am good spirited guy who loves garrys mod.i would like to help this server to its better being and help my fellow players and make them happy as well as under control i will try my best and hardest to keep spammers, hackers, player issues and many other server problem makers under control as i will not take sides i will always give others all the priority‚Äč i would also like to be a admin as it is a role where responsibility and around the clock work is well needed!!! so i can take up all the responsibilities and work around the clock and i spend alot of time. i will do justice and always tend to other problems.‚Äč i will do everything in my power to give everyone the best time they deserve!!!!!!

How many hours would you be on the server each week 48- 164

Signed alejandro.cruz

ps sorry about my bad english. i still hope this appels to you


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